Give us 10 minutes I will smoke them out – Police Chief

Mirror ReporterMasvingo – True to his word, Officer Commanding Masvingo, Assistant Commissioner Taonei Nyazema had money changers who had returned to the CBD in large numbers this morning smoked out as soon as he put his phone down.The Mirror sought a comment from Nyazema on the money changers who had suddenly started doing business outside OK Supermarket in defiance not only of the law but of the Covid 19 Lockdown declared by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to run for 21 days.“Are the money changers back? Give me 10 minutes and they will all be arrested,” said Nyazema.Indeed in five minutes the streets were clear of the money changers. Surprisingly some got wind of the impending raid and sneaked away while others were caught unawares.

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