Girl (8) forced to suck Form 3 pupil’s manhood


MASVINGO – A boy doing Form 3 at Masvingo High in Masvingo has appeared in court facing charges of rape including forcing an eight-year-old girl to suck and caress his manhood.

Both the accused and the complainant cannot be named for ethical reasons. The crime was committed at 4 Brigade in Masvingo.

The case is before Magistrate Dambudzo Malunga who postponed the case to next week.

Liberty Hove who represented the State said that the complainant plays with the sister of the accused hence the latter took advantage of the situation. The accused would allegedly call the complainant into the house, into the field and behind a tree and sexually abuse her.

This is said to have happened on numerous occasions stretching from December 2019 to January 2020.

The series of alleged rape cases came to light on January 5, 2020 when the complainant revealed the incidents to the boy’s younger sister. The two girls then narrated the case to the complainant’s mother and a report was made at Masvingo Central Police station.

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