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Girl (14) appeals for US$700 for cancer tests

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Girl (14) appeals for US$700 for cancer tests



MASVINGO- A Mwenezi girl (14) is appealing for US$700 to undergo cancer tests and scans on her swollen stomach.
Constance Jerera (14) is admitted at Masvingo Provincial Hospital. She is also suffering from a swollen left leg.
Her aunt, Esnath Masukume is sleeping outside the hospital and looking after her during the day.
Masukume told The Mirror in an interview that the money is for tests and scans to determine whether the growth in Constance’s stomach is cancerous.
Constance is an orphan and her hospital bills are catered for by the department of Social Welfare. Masukume is her mother’s sister.
“We are appealing to well-wishers for all the assistance we can get. Constance needs to have the scans and tests done immediately. We are struggling to raise the required amount,” she said.
Constance’s growth began in 2019. She was diagnosed with abdominal malignancy.
Her condition has also kept her out of school over the past four years.
Well-wishers can contact Masukume on 0774582293 or alternatively The Mirror helpline 0716895703/0775691380.

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