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Game of pool; Mirror of human struggles

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Game of pool; Mirror of human struggles



It is played on a table with a surface of soft cloth.
But the players are mean. Most of them. A stick is used to shoot a white ball, which in turn is supposed to hit the ball designated for the particular player, so that the player sinks his designated ball.The player who sinks all his designated balls first, and the last black ball, is the winner of the match.The players are skilful, but others are bad. Both the good and the bad fight over the game of pool.
Why? Kumahuswa is a bar where pool is played. The top contenders are Feyi and an Accountant called Roderick Matiza. So on this other day, and at Kumahuswa bar, an urchin placed a bet of $2 on a game of pool. He lost the match. He refused to pay the $2 bet to the victor. The victor leapt at him, and the two men fell to the floor of the bar, like a tottering monument upset. They wrestled and throttled each other, until Fey sperated them.All for US$2?
There’s a bar called kwaSarah up along St Patrick’s Road in uptown Hatfield. It hosts the game of pool.A team which wears a uniform of green and black is the visiting team.It’s members are vociferous and full of zeal. Whenever their team sank a score, the entire team would perform a sex dance, thrusting their loins back and forth, mocking their opponents with the symbol of dominance and conquest, which sex represents. A fight erupts.The provocative visiting team with the loud uniform are on the offensive. They punch and kick and corner the home team, whose members lash out in self defence.Chaos and pandemonium.A short coloured elderly guy who everyone calls Uncle wades between the two warring teams and manages to quell the violence.
Uncle goes to the counter and speaks to a lone drinker who was leaning against the counter and observing the goings on with curious concern. The lone drinker asks Uncle; “Why is pool such a violent sport?”
Uncle replies;”You see, pool is an
emotional game. It’s about dominance and being better than the
other guy, the way we compete for resources and positions and
power in real life. So the pool we play in our local bars is not a
game or a sport, it’s a mirror of our life struggles.”
The lone drinker nodded in solemn understanding, wondering why mankind has to subdue fellow human beings to make it in life, the same way a drunk fights to win a game of pool in a local Harare bar.

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