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Furore at Zanu PF primaries

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Furore at Zanu PF primaries


…ballot papers missing at most of the polls

Increase Gumbo

CHIREDZI: Its now almost 4 pm and ballot papers are not yet at most of Chiredzi Central Constituency polling stations in ward 1-5. A visit by The Mirror to ward 5 polling station at Chiredzi Christian College has seen some disgruntled voters sleeping, waiting for the ballot papers to arrive whilst some voters especially women have already left the polling station to prepare for their evening meal.
The Mirror is reliably informed that the ballot registers have been lost and the command centre is looking for them.
In ward ward 3 at Musikawematanda polling station out of 34 cells only 6 cells have been found on the ballot papers so upto now voting has not commenced. Voting has only commenced in ward 6,7 and 8 .
More to follow….

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