Friends of Sikhala Solidarity Trust petitions United Nations


MASVINGO – Friends of Job Sikhala Solidarity Trust has filed a petition with the United Nations Human Rights Council claiming that President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to use Sikhala as an example to Zimbabweans that standing up to him can have dire consequences.
Sikhala who is the MDC National Deputy Chairperson and St Mary’s legislator will appear at the High Court in Masvingo next week facing treason charges which if found guilty attracts a stiff sentence.
The Trust’s chairperson Phillip Mutoti told The Mirror in an interview that the petition was filed with the Human Rights Council based in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday last week.
The petition was also copied to all embassies.
The Trust is a dully registered support group mobilsiing national and international support for Sikhala.
“We appeal to you Your Excellency for your personal intervention to ensure that at the very best Hon. Sikhala is not victimized for politically related reasons or at the very least, that he has a free and fair trial process with regards to the subversion charges that have been arraigned against him,” reads part of the petition.
The petition comes after a pro-deo lawyer was appointed to represent Sikhala and the motive was questionable since Sikhala had his own lawyer.
“This case be tabled before the next Human Rights Council meeting for deliberations. Secondly, that the Human Rights Council investigates political persecutions in Zimbabwe disguised as prosecutions. If found guilty of gross using the judiciary to persecute democracy agents in Zimbabwe, the report be tabled before the United Nations General Assembly for sanctioning,” reads part of the petition.
This is the first treason case at Masvingo High Court since opening its doors in June 2016.

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