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French Loto – What to avoid when choosing numbers

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French Loto – What to avoid when choosing numbers


There are numerous people who select their numbers either at random, make use of number generators, or various other means to obtain their numbers. One thing that players are advised to do is to thoughtlessly or foolishly choosing numbers.

By merely picking numbers without much thought, may lead to failures and while there is no holy grail on which numbers will be drawn, there are more constructive ways to pick numbers.

It is also imperative to know what to avoid as it provides players with some advantage over others. These are, however, merely tips and cannot be used to guarantee a win.

Do not choose number combinations which have already been drawn

There are numerous players who prefer to bet on numbers which have already earned another player the jackpot. By doing this, these players are guaranteed not to win.

During the three times a week that the French Loto draws are done, a set of five numbers along with the Chance number being drawn only have the chance of being drawn every 122,236 years.

This inevitably cancels out the belief that playing numbers which have previously won repeatedly may guarantee a chance to win.

Do not bet five consecutive numbers

It is extremely rare, near improbable, that consecutive numbers, such as 1-2-3-4-5, or any others, will be drawn.

Do not bet only one lotto number group

Players are urged to avoid choosing all five numbers from one number group. This applies to single digits, or all teens, 20s, 30s, and so on. It is highly unlikely that the winning numbers will be from one lotto number group.

Avoid the 1-2-3-4-5 combination

Even though this combination was used in one of the tips above, it is worth mentioning that there are thousands of tickets that often have this combination. Selections such as these are too unbalanced to appear in a random drawing and should be avoided.

Avoid betting on patterns

Pattern betting is an extremely popular method in which players mark their lottery slips. Patterns can consist of numbers which are marked in a row to form a straight line, across the slip either vertically or diagonally.

These patterns are heavily played, and it might mean that, should those numbers be drawn, players will end up sharing in the prize with others who have followed the same methods.

Avoid choosing number multiples

This method involves a combination where numbers are chosen according to multiples, either 5-10-15-20-25, 8-16-24-32-40, and numerous others.

This method is heavily used and may mean that players who follow the same method will end up sharing in the prize should their numbers match the winning numbers.

Avoid choosing numbers that end in the same digit

There are many players who choose numbers that end in the same digit such as 2-12-22-32-42. There are also those who favour the number seven as it is considered a lucky number. The chances of such sets being drawn is highly unlikely and should be avoided. -Sponsored Article

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