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Freight World’s Moosa speaks on tree planting

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Freight World’s Moosa speaks on tree planting


Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – Vanessa Moosa, representing Freight World which is one of the sponsors of the Walkathon being undertaken by Friends of the Environment has called upon the public to think about the future by taking care of the environment.

Speaking in an interview with The Mirror as she took part in the 105km walk from Gokomere High School to Nyika Growth Point in Bikita on Thursday, Moosa said there is a danger of the ecosystem losing its balance if people don’t take care of the environment.

“Let’s take care of the environment. People have a tendency to cut down trees, to burn grass, to litter everywhere, to throw diapers everywhere but we need to take responsibility of our actions and think of tomorrow.

“If we cut down trees, we have no shed, we don’t have oxygen, habitats are destroyed and the ecosystem is out of balance. At Freight World we believe in taking responsibility,” said Moosa.

Moosa who was taking place in the Walkathon for the first time expressed the confidence that she would complete the 105km walk. 

Her company is among a dozen others that are sponsoring the walk.

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