Fossils Agro Chemicals donates chemicals to Beitbridge Municipality

Caroline PhiriBEITBRIDGE -Being the busiest port of entry, Municipality of Beitbridge has received 28 ×35 litres of  Hydrogen Peroxide from Fossils Agro Chemicals which  will be used to spray market places, Beitbridge border post, offices and ambulances to fight against corona virus.Deputy Mayor for Beitbridge, Councilor Munyaradzi Chitsunge stated that the chemicals will be sprayed in floors and walls and that the correct direction will be 1:100,where a litre of the chemical can be diluted to 100 litres of water, 16 litres of the chemical can spray 1000m² of the surface area and that a company called Vebbena donated  USD$150 to use in purchasing of protective clothing.

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