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Former Zanu PF MP Chiwa neglects own child for step kids

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Former Zanu PF MP Chiwa neglects own child for step kids


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CHIREDZI – Darlington Chiwa, a former Chiredzi West MP who dumped his wife for a nurse is said to be neglecting his own son and flashing money on stepchildren.
This was said by his ex-wife Miriam Dhanda who was applying for RTGS$300 000 maintenance at Chiredzi which was reduced to RTGS$150 000 by Magistrate Diana Musiiwa.

Dhanda said Chiwa has lots of money and was splashing it on his five stepchildren that he is allegedly sending to school.
“Chiwa has a lot of money, he married another wife who has five children and he is sending them to school,” said Dhanda.
The claim which was heard on Monday this week is for maintenance of the couple’s child who attends an A School. Chiwa who is also a former Police officer argued in court that the amount was too high since he gave her a tractor which she can use to get income. He was married to Dhanda for 26 years.
Dhanda however, said she no longer has any source of income after the collapse of the marriage. She accused Chiwa of destroying her sources of income. She went on to say the matter is still before the courts.
Dhanda and Chiwa separated in January last year amid a lot of drama. Chiwa has a pending case in which he is accused of demolishing Dhandha’s shop at Stoneridge in Chiredzi

Dhanda also said Chiwa has married a nurse identified as Locadia Mudare who works at Masvingo General Hospital.
“I no longer have any source of income because Chiwa destroyed my shop in May last year and the case is pending at the courts,” said Dhanda.
She said that Chiredzi East Legislator, Denford Masiya is giving her daughter transport to school.
“My child needs fuel to go to school and currently I am getting help from Hon Masiya who also has his child at the same school,” said Dhanda.
Musiiwa gave Dhanda RTGS$150 000 payable from June 30.

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