Former Vic High head Muzamani humiliated


MWENEZI – Former Vic High head John Muzamani must reconsider his decision to get into politics after he got a mere 6% of the votes of the ultimate winner in the Zanu PF Mwenezi East primary elections held on Saturday.

Roman Catholic-run Avhunga Secondary School head Master Makope won the elections with an emphatic 2 576 votes and Muzumani was on position nine out of 13 candidates with a measly 162 votes.

The primary elections were held on Saturday to fill the position left by Joosbi Omar who died last year.

Gift Mazhambe the District Coordinating Committee chair confirmed the results to Two Nations.

Efforts to get a comment from Muzamani were futile.

Makope who is a former Councillor for ward 5 from 2013-2018 is also a former board member of Mwenezi Development Training Centre.

Zanu PF Mwenezi East primary elections full results

  1. Master Makope                                     2576
  2. Jabulani Mberesi                                   1108
  3. Mudyanembwa Mhike                            859
  4. Tinashe Nyoni                                          459
  5. Marvellous Chifumuro                            377
  6. Yunis Omar                                               367
  7. Simbarashe Mabhena                             279
  8. Hassan Hassim                                         165
  9. Maringire Maringire                                 162
  10. John Muzamani                                      162
  11. Takura Mudavose                                  157
  12. Moses Muhehi                                         28
  13. Sifana Ngavaite                                         27

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