Former MP Chitando sued over ‘vicious dogs’


MASVINGO – A Mucheke woman has taken former MDC MP Jefferson Chitando to court to seek an order to compel him to pay hospital bills for some dog bites.

The woman was recently bitten by stray dogs in the ZBS area of Mucheke and she believes the vicious animals belong to Chitando.

Chitando insisted in court that the said dogs were not his and in any case his dogs are vaccinated and there will be no need for hospitals bills for the woman.

The woman told Magistrate Candice Kaseri that she needs money for hospital bills and compensation.

The incident occurred in October at Mucheke ZBS.

The woman was bitten at around 8pm and she demanded hospital money from Chitando before approaching Police to file a report.

 “My dogs do not go out of the gate. This is the first person to claim that my dogs bit her since 2000 when I started keeping dogs. There are a lot of dogs in my neighborhood and I believe it was a stray dog that bit her,” said Chitando.

The woman is insisting that the dogs that bit her came from Chitando’s gate.  

Magistrate Kaseri postponed the matter to a later date.

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