Forget not thy retired men


How many of us were aware that 24 July was World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly? Very few.

Just shows that a few of us care for this endangered group. Watching, listening and reading in the media

we hear a lot about involvement of youth, women and other disadvantaged groups in development projects all over Chibhoraniland. Some are given training and starter packs to start income generating projects. Money is in the land. Others are helped to get into mining and agriculture where they can economically empower themselves and laugh all the way to the bank, or as it is to their bedrooms

where they will hide their precious US Dollars under the mattress while others will squander their newly

gained wealth quenching that unquenchable thirst leaving themselves poorer.

We are told that this is being done so that no one is left behind as we move towards 2030 when all of us

will be expected to be rich because our beloved country Chibhoraniland is indeed extremely rich.

However looking at it all there is one group that is being left behind and your Sekuru Taurai is a member

of this unfortunate bunch of males. In this group you will find those men who have retired from their jobs but are struggling to survive because they went home as pensioners whose pension is equal to a

handful of peanuts that leave them living in poverty. Then there are those males who worked and

worked like slaves and left employment with no pension at all. Right now they are living in poverty.

There are still those men who were never employed but hoped to be looked after by their offsprings but due to one reason or the other this never worked out and these are also living in abject poverty.

Now although we are preaching the ‘’no one will be left behind’’ gospel, you will agree with me that the

men I have pointed out above are being left behind because I am not seeing much being done for them.

Not that I am expecting them to be spoon-fed but what is needed is the creation of an enabling environment where they can work to uplift their lives. Retirement does not mean inability. A person who retires at 65 can be strong enough to continue contributing to the development of himself, his

family, the community and his country. After all he has a lot of experience and just sitting at home in

poverty will benefit no one and even shorten his life. May the government and its development partners

come up with projects that will economically empower the poor retired male grandparents? This way

they will not be left behind of the behind and live meaningful lives.

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