Foreskin peels off as wife pulls hubby’s organ


Shurugwi – A Shurugwi woman has been remanded in custody after she allegedly pulled her husband’s male organ and peeled off part of the foreskin.

The husband had to receive several stitches at the hospital.

Mitchel Mahanya of Impali in Shurugwi appeared in court this week before Shurugwi Magistrate Percy Mukumba and she faced a charge of physical abuse.

It is the State case that on October 10, 2020 Washington Sango and his wife Mahanya had a misunderstanding.
Sango had accused his wife of having a boyfriend and this did not go down well with Mahanya who pulled Sango’s male organ three times until part of the skin peeled off.

Sango was treated at Shurugwi Hospital.

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