Flying stones from Chinese mine cause panic

Shurugwi, Makusha Ward 8 MDC councilor, Benedict Tarisai Kupakuwana


Shurugwi – Makusha, a gold mine run by a Chinese company has caused panic in Shurugwi, making six residential suburbs unsafe because of flying stones while buildings have developed cracks and window panes shattered as a result of heavy blasts.

Elderly people prone to heart attacks have sometimes collapsed from the thunder of the blasts.
Shurugwi Mayor Walter Gwinji complained that he did not know the name of the Chinese company because it has not registered with council.

‘’These companies are brought in by the provincial mining director and they are sometimes don’t even registered with us,’’ said the mayor.

Angry residents confronted council officials over the issue during a budget meeting on Friday and Town Clerk Solomon Siziba said the Mayor Walter Gwinji was seized with the matter and he will be writing a letter to the relevant authorities.

The Mirror is told that the mine is located 100 metres away from a residential area.

The affected suburbs are Makusha, Dark City, Shurugwi Town, District Adminstrator’s Camp, Peak and Tebekwe.
Shurugwi Ward 8 councilor Benedict Kupakuwana said residents have not known peace since the mine started operations a year ago and an appeal will be made to the Ministry of Mines to intervene.

People prone to heart attacks are affected by powerful vibrations caused by the heavy blasts and an elderly woman collapsed recently, said some residents.

“We receive complaints against this mine every day. The blasts are too powerful causing heavy vibrations. Last week I went to Tebekwe where window panes were shattered. Stones fly as far away as Tebekwe, Peak and Makusha,” said Kupakuwana.

“We appeal to the Ministry of Mines to intervene. These Chinese are using heavy machinery in a residential area,” he added.

Sits Mutwayo from Makusha said elderly people are collapsing due to the blasts.

“My mother has high blood pressure and she collapsed after one of those blasts. I appeal to the Provincial Mining Director to visit the mine and assess the suitability of its location,” said Mutwayo.
The provincial mining director was not reachable for a comment.

“We hear your grievances over the mine. Everyone can see that it is too close to a residential area and we have asked our mayor to write a letter to the responsible authorities,” said Siziba.

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