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Floods leave Kariba man dead, bridges damaged


Floods leave Kariba man dead, bridges damaged


A Kariba man was swept away while crossing the flooded Nyaodza River and his body was recovered several kilometres downstream last weekend.

At least six cars were also trapped after the Mutoranhanga River Bridge was badly damaged, while large boulders covered the Charara-Makande Road, cutting off Kariba and Gache Gache from the rest of the country.

Mangura Dam in Nyaminyami Ward 9 burst its wall.

Several schools including Mamvura Machena and Mola primary schools and Mola Youth Centre had their roofs blown off while Mola Bridge was damaged.

Kariba district assistant development coordinator Mrs Patience Mubango said efforts were underway to remove the boulders from the roads and repair Mola Bridge.

“One person was swept away while trying to cross Nyaodza River, but his body was retrieved,” said Ms Mubango.

“Mangura dam in Ward 9 burst and lost all the water while there was a rock fall on Jonga Mountain Gache Gache Road is closed.”

Tractors have failed to remove the boulders owing to their sizes and efforts are now being made to secure heavier equipment to remove the rocks.

The Charara-Makande Road links rural Nyaminyami and Kariba urban and also Hurungwe district.

It is used to transport patients and supplies to Kariba District Hospital from Siakobvu and Mola.

The storms also left houses flooded at Marongora and rockfalls along the Harare- Chirundu highway. Herald.


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