Fireworks expected as Helen McGhie holds AGM


MASVINGO – Fireworks are expected at Helen McGhie Primary School in Masvingo as the School Development Committee (SDC) holds its AGM on Friday this week (16 April 2021).

The school whose impeccable reputation was built over the years by former head, Horuno Herbert Zengeya is now tottering on the brink with raging wrangles between parents and the head Sheila Deve, accusations of mismanagement and abuse of office. Parents are afraid that the jewel of Masvingo is being run down.

The notice of AGM seen by The Mirror does not have any agenda but just an announcement of the meeting.

The SDC chairperson Tinashe Mutema confirmed the AGM to The Mirror but ordered the reporter not to call him again for ‘writing negatively about him and the school’.

Some of the parents’ complaints include:

  1. Parents are fuming over a new school bus that has not been running for the last six months allegedly because it is now being maintained in backyard garages. The driver of the bus refused to drive the bus after he lost control of it during one of the trips home with children. Pupils are now using public transport.
  2. Parents are accusing the head, teachers, administrative staff and some SDC members of supplying goods to the school in violation of good governance requirements. The Mirror has been supplied with names of the alleged suppliers.
  3. There is also a clash over food given to pupils at the school. Some parents have refused to pay for the food alleging that the kitchen staff have not gone through the necessary health examinations to work in the catering industry.

Sources however, said that the head has called the meeting to discuss proposed fees increases. The pupils are currently paying RTGS$4010.

“We are holding an extra ordinary AGM this Friday but if you want to know what the meeting is about you have to come and attend. Don’t call me again, I don’t want to speak with anyone from The Mirror,” said Mutema before hanging his phone.

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