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Fired Tongogara CEO refuses to surrender vehicle

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Fired Tongogara CEO refuses to surrender vehicle



Tongogara – Tongogara Rural District Council CEO, Brian Rufasha who was fired last week has refused to surrender a council Toyota Hilux that he was using as his official vehicle.

Rufasha was fired on November 16, 2020 after a tribunal found him guilty on three charges of misconduct.

Rufasha insists that the vehicle registration number AAE 7902 is his after allegedly serving a five year term. Council insists that the vehicle remains council property unless officially given to him.

Rufasha told The Mirror that he was not going to surrender the vehicle.

“I don’t know why I should hand over this car to council because the car is now mine after serving my first term of five years. It’s in the council resolutions that after serving the first term, CEOs are entitled to their vehicles. I also haven’t received a letter that instructs me to surrender the vehicle,” said Rufasha.

Council chair Tamiswa Njovana said Rufasha was violating council rules by not handing over the vehicle.

“He is misrepresenting the said council resolution. The resolution says that if a CEO saves council for five years with a good name then he or she would get a vehicle.

“Rufasha does not have that good name; he was involved in an accident with the same car while carrying passengers in 2019 and we agreed for evaluators to come and assess the damage so he pays part of the cost. “He has not paid that cost. He is supposed to handover the car and start from there. Why can’t he follow the procedure?” asked Njovana. https://masvingomirror.com

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