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Female cop assaulted as she tries to retrieve car from suspect

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Female cop assaulted as she tries to retrieve car from suspect




MASVINGO – Policing is increasingly getting dangerous as a ZRP cop based at a Police post in Runyararo West was on Monday night assaulted by a suspect she wanted to arrest for driving a vehicle without authority.

The matter was heard by Masvingo magistrate Conceptor Ngwerume who gave Simukai Mugabe (34) 245 hours community service at Francis Aphiri Primary School plus one year suspended service after he pleaded guilty to the offence and profusely apologized to Police officer Tsitsi Murumbi and to the State.

The accused was charged with assaulting or resisting arrest by a Police officer and Nixon Chamisa prosecuted.

Murumbi was assaulted by Mugabe of 15974 Benson Chikukwa Street, Runyararo West at around 11pm when the latter’s mother reported at the Police station that her son had driven away her car from home and was threatening to smash it.

After the report, Murumbi trekked Mugabe to Dunira Mall in Victoria Range where she found him and showed him her Police identity card. She persuaded him to drive back his mother’s car home and the Police officer seemed to have convinced her.

The two drove back with Murumbi sitting on the passenger seat. However, on getting close home Mugabe suddenly went into tantrums and started accusing his mother of favoring certain children. He told the officer that his mother likes her son in South Africa because he bought her a car.

For that reason he said he was going to smash the car into a culvert. He suddenly reversed the car to gain distance from the culvert. A few metres away he stopped the car and tried to engage it into the drive gear so that he could speed into the culvert.

Murimbi held hard on the stick gear and blocked Mugabe from getting into drive. He tried several times as the two ‘fought’ over the gear. Realising that he had failed, Mugabe disembarked from the car and went to the passenger side where she pulled Murumbi from the seat and started assaulting her.

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