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FC Barca manager impregnates his shopkeeper


FC Barca manager impregnates his shopkeeper


Ndimi Messi weReggae! Aah ndimi Messi wemaskirt…singing hangu. Some lyrical expressions are prophetic in one way or the other. When it comes to matters of the heart at times you don’t have to judge anyone because like the Big man once said good yako haisi good yangu. 

Nobody can claim to be an expert where soul, heart and mind are concerned. Not even rocket scientists, poets, musicians nor nuclear experts have ever managed to measure, nor fathom how much the heart can yearn for or hold. You can see a monied or educated person going haywire over someone you regard as unattractive to you, but remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

That reminds me of Team Barca. Ehezvee you know that team’s manager. Iya Nhubu iya when it comes to nutmegs. Those who are familiar with soccer know what nutmegs are. Ndiro rinonzi deya ka iroro. Manje Cde Nhubu vepa FBC Barca, Aaah sorry FC Barca vaya vakarova shopkeeper wavo deya akabva amedza bhora racho.

So those guys in offices are endowed with other specialties that all the mortal simpletons will never even opine. So, this Xavi, by the way is he the team manger of Barca, right? 

So the story of Xavi or Barca goes like this. This manager’s ofishawu wife works for that bank that deals particularly with farmers. Iwe kuno bhenga ikoko dzangovavo hadzo nharo dzako asi ibank nderevarimi haro. Saka iwe tinga kudii. HOTH is told this Nhubu Xavi owns a grocery shop iko kwedu kwaMbudzi. Hameno hanzi paDunira apo.

So I am told this dude ended up hooking up with his shopkeeper and started hitting at her until they became an item. Like I said earlier on who can imagine that a whole manager can go for a mere shopkeeper? Obviously, no one, but for real Messi wemaskirt is madly in love with her.

I am told the woman of the  house got wind that someone was also braaing her shrivelled sausage and decided to confront her but rova rova racho is so elusive iwe. Hanzi akabva adzingwa basa namadam pagraft but the manager never stopped visiting his small house. I am told he is renting the house for her and she is now acting as the second wife.

Apa I heard that the other day after that ofishawu wife heard that the small house got a lot of groceries and she came out of the bank leaving the farmers stranded at the counter and went hunting for her nemesis unfortunately she had already board kamushika shika and was heading back to kwaMbudzi.

The small house had already sensed danger and instructed the Mushika shika driver to speed off. Hezvo! Ndokwazvava ere nhai vakomana. Someone told HOTH that the manager is always thrashed by his girlfriend. I heard the other day akabvarurirwa shirt akafamba akashama.

Ko nhai asikana izvo zvekurova mface zvinobuda here? So Nhubu makasaiza gulez asi kwamainini munokwaturwa. Gulez endai kugym imi. I am sure you once watched Fifty Shades of Gray or black or pink or whatever. You know how our J Lo with her with her six million insured ass. Asi P Diddy Musadaro imi so Ben Afleck vachiri kuita maintain that?

Ko mutongi pahapazi pachena here pamai musi uya? Kutorova here paStopover nguya iya apa mota yenyu haina tint. No problem HOTH will come for you next week. Ndakaon hangu gumbo ndiri kure. Ndichanyatsokuudzai next week mutongi. KKKKK sehako hanzi vanpokara asi gudo haridyi chafa chega. kkkkkk    

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