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Farmers should start Planting: Agritex

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Farmers should start Planting: Agritex



MASVINGO-Masvingo Provincial Agritex Director Nobert Masiiwa is urging farmers to start planting.
He said the farmers should take advantage of recent rains to plant their crop. Masiiwa said should they not plant now, they risk having their crops affected by ever changing weather patterns.
“We encourage our farmers who haven’t started planting to do so. Time is no longer on their side. The effects of planting late will come out when they are harvesting. It can affect their yields.
“I want to encourage farmers to take caution and ensure that their plants are not competing with weeds. They should use weed chemicals to reduce labour,” he said.
Recently the Minister of Agriculture, Land, Water and Fisheries Anxious Masuka promised to provide farmers with chemicals for 2023-2024 farming season.
Masiiwa also urged farmers to closely work with Agriculture Extension Officers (Agritex) officers.
“Farmer advisors should work closely with our farmers because they will need to know the gauge of water recorded so that when they plant, they will know the sizes of the holes,” he said.

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