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Farmers form Nyazvidzi Development Association (NYADA)

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Farmers form Nyazvidzi Development Association (NYADA)


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Gutu – Diasporic Zimbabweans have launched Nyazvidzi Development Association (NYADA) to spearhead development in the sleepy small scale farming area located 130km northeast of Masvingo.

Phinias Manwa who is based abroad and the brains behind the project confirmed the move in an interview with The Mirror recently.

The project got an immediate buy-in from all farmers. 

The Association which covers 317 farms has already drafted and agreed on a constitution, zoned itself and set up sub-committees for the different zones.

Bank accounts were opened this week and the project has been introduced to the District Development Co-ordinator, Gutu Rural District Council CEO, the Provincial Development Co-ordinator and other relevant Government departments in Harare.

The newly elected chairman is Engineer Martin Mukoroverwa and his vice chairman and secretary respectively are Betserayi Madzivire and Esther Madziva. Vincent Jaya is the vice secretary, Harrington Mukandiwa treasurer, Women’s representative Virginia Takaona; Committee members, Felix Misheck Mashingaidze, and Philip Mahachi. The youth representative is Milton Chihambakwe.

The Association says in its founding constitution that Nyazvidzi which used to be a breadbasket, producing thousands of tonnes of maize and groundnuts every year and contributing immensely to the country’s beef export quarter at independence is now a basket case with residents surviving on handouts from Government and donors.

The Association explicitly states that it is apolitical.

The association’s members also expressed concern at the state of roads which they described as the worst in the whole of Gutu District. They said that some of the feeder roads have not been maintained 40 years after independence.

“Last week, a lorry bringing in Presidential inputs including fertilizer failed to reach its destination because of the state of the roads,” said one of the farmers.

Having assessed their situation, the farmers agreed to use their own funds to develop their area hence the opening of bank accounts. They are currently raising funds for the maintenance of roads. They will hire equipment from council.

They have also come up with a priority list for developments including the establishment of one more clinic, several Police posts, a number of halls for conducting farmers’meetings and resuscitation of dip tanks.

They bemoaned the understaffing in the Agritex Department where instead of eight extension workers there just two. They argue that extension workers are critical in an area where the business is farming.https://masvingomirror.com


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