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Farmers failing to raise US$2 cow tax – Agritex

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Farmers failing to raise US$2 cow tax – Agritex


Sibonguthando Dube

MBERENGWA – Rural farmers should change their mindset and regard cattle keeping as a business, Mberengwa Agricultural Extension Officer (Agritex) Alfred Samutsa has said.
He said this in light of the January disease that is starting to take a toll on cattle herds following heavy rains received in the last few weeks. He said the fact that farmers were unable to pay US$2 tax so that they can access dipping chemicals says a lot about their attitude towards cattle farming business.
“We urge farmers to consider livestock keeping as business. Once they do that they will be able to prioritize and get the US$2 tax. Agriculture experts must change the farmers’ mindset, that is to make sure they take farming as business.
“Farmers should improve on animal management and production. Weekly dipping or spraying of animals and inspection of ticks 2-3 days after dipping to check for effectiveness of the dip chemical used is essential. Farmers should also apply tick grease in between dipping sessions.
“Some farmers can spend more than four years with the same number of cows and this is what we call loss as the farmer will be paying tax every year without getting anything in return. Due to loss many farmers are failing to pay for tax resulting in death of their livestock from diseases,” he said.

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