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Famers must venture into small grain farming

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Famers must venture into small grain farming




CHIKOMBA—Chief Nyoka yesterday urged farmers to venture into small grain farming at a field day that was held in Manjonjo village in Chikomba district.

He urged over 800 farmers that were gathered for a field day at Mazvarira homestead in ward 6 where the best farmer for the season was awarded.

Chief Nyoka told farmers that they must also venture into small grain farming that are drought resistant. He added saying farmers should also make it a point to produces these small grains, because they are health and they also help to fight diseases. He further urged the youths to be part of farming and to take farming as business that can sustain them in their daily lives. Nyoka also told the youths that were present at the field day to occupy themselves with farming and stop abusing drug and not to get into early marriages.

“I urge all farmers present today to venture in small grain production. As farmers you must also include small grain into their farming activities. Small grains help the nation during the times of drought as they are drought resistant. Again, I also urge farmers to produce small grains like sorghum, millet and rapoko because there are health also planting of drought resistant crops is another way that can help farmers in this climate changing world,” said Nyoka.

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