Fake RBZ inspectors nabbed in Shurugwi

Elizabeth Mashiri
Midlands Bureau

Gweru – Fake RBZ inspectors who moved around fining business entities for flouting foreign currency regulations were nabbed in Shurugwi on Friday last week after they attempted to defraud Vital Supermarket.

The suspects moved around armed with RBZ, ZACC, and CIO identity cards. They also had a fake RBZ receipt book where the fines were recorded and The Mirror was told that some businesses were paying as much as US$900 in fines.

Hundreds of business people in various towns were allegedly swindled.

Maxwell Madiwaya (46) of Kuwadzana 6 Harare and Mike Chidziyo (42) of number 229 Hopley Harare were nabbed by Vital Supermarket manager.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the arrest and told The Mirror that the two were found with three ZACC IDs, one RBZ and CIO cards, a fake RBZ fines books and a driver’s license in the name of another person.

“The arrest was made after an alert management at Vital Supermarket called the Police when they were asked to pay a fine for violating foreign exchange rates regulations.

“In Gweru they duped JARAN Supermarkets of US$900-00 using the same method. We want to encourage businesses and individuals to stay vigilant against such criminals,” said Mahoko. https://masvingomirror.com

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