Ex-soldier imposes himself as village head since 1991

Nyasha Musambasi

Chaka – An ex-soldier who used his previous occupation to intimidate and impose himself as village head Masendeke under Chief Chaka in Chirumanzu has been stripped of the position.

Elias Magomo even had the temerity to change his surname to Masendeke though he did not belong to the family.

The issue came out when Magomo became an oppressive leader who beat up subjects and forced them to sell their land to his friends.

He appeared before Chirumanzu District Development Coordinator (DDC) Vafios Hlavati at a meeting held at Masendeke Village and was accused of taking the village head’s post by force.
All villagers at the meeting accused him of being an impostor. They said that they were afraid to report because he had from the word go told them that he was a soldier.

“Although your name is at our offices that you are village head Masendeke, you failed to give me details at how you became the village head and who installed you. I am left with more questions than answers,” said Hlavati to Magomo.

Hlavati concluded that Magomo was an impostor and asked the Masendeke family to come up with an ideal person for the post.

Magomo said he was given the post at Mvuma in 1991 after he went there with the then village head Bhiza Betserai Masendeke and Zoni Mushipe Masendeke to change his national identity number so that he could use the one from Chaka area.

He said it was Bhiza who before he died told him he was going to be the next village head.
Calisto Masendeke one of the elders of the Masendeke family said that they do not know the Magomo’s family. He said they only knew that he was a soldier from Bulawayo who used to stay in Mvuma.

“We do not know him and his family, he is not part of Masendeke family. Akauya 1974 atova munhu mukuru achishandisa zita rekuti Magomo akagamuchirwa nava Bhiza vaive sabhuku akavakira muno apuwa munda” said Calisto. https://masvingomirror.com

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