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Ex-Alpha Cottages Superintendent hits back at Council

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Ex-Alpha Cottages Superintendent hits back at Council


Garikai Mafirakureva

MASVINGO-Recently fired Alpha Cottages Children’s Home superintendent Brighton Karidza has trashed the recent audit that led to his dismissal as allegations disguised as findings meant to victimize him and the management committee.
Karidza was dismissed last year, facing an array of allegations from incomplete accounting books, improper disposal of assets, failure to account for funds deposited into his accounts, conflict of interest and abuse of office, failure to properly manage the home projects and many other charges.
However, he said he finds the entire audit report incredibly untrue, punctuated with inaccuracy, and an attack on his integrity, professional contact and character. He went on to say no auditor worth his salt would miss that an allegation that funds were deposited in his account (CBZ 5091001997) was false because that account is Alpha Cottages account held with First Capital bank.
“It is untrue because account Number 5091001977 is Alpha Cottages Scheme’s only account held with the First Capital Bank (formerly Barclays Bank). Amounts deposited there are deposited into the Alpha Cottages Scheme account, not my bank account.
The superintendent’s bank account is with CBZ, and the account number is 02521166860028. No funds meant for Alpha Cottages were deposited in that account. It is so unfortunate that such allegations disguised as findings were made without proper verification and ultimately borders on personal attacks and demonization rather than administrative issues,” said Karidza.
He went on to say that the home has been abused for many years by council officials travelling to Germany under the pretext of raising funds for the orphans while lining their pockets.
“Masvingo City Council oversees Alpha Cottages, but they have never brought a cent. There is suspicion that they were receiving donations on behalf of the home from Kernen, a German Town which twinned with Masvingo City and misappropriated it.
That is why you have seen a rushed construction of that park adjacent to Chevron Hotel and the islands in the streets.
Karidza has since dragged the Council to Labour Court claiming eight-years salary including housing allowances amounting to US$151 000.
However, Masvingo City Council Mayor Collen Maboke was adamant that the City Council did the right thing firing Karidza and his because they had run down the home.
“A lot of things were upside at Alpha Cottages. Donated water pumps are missing right. There was a lot of misappropriation of funds. Some money was even deposited in personal accounts.

” Karidza had reached his retirement age which is a contributing factor. He cannot sue the City Council because we were not the ones who employed him,” said Maboke.

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