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Evicted villager sells car for $200 to feed family

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Evicted villager sells car for $200 to feed family



MASVINGO – A villager evicted from Mushandike Village 15B under the current Government run operation No to illegal settlers had to sell his Mazda B16 for US$200 in order to fend for his family which had to find lodgings elsewhere.
This information was today relayed to a team from former CCC president Nelson Chamisa that was visiting displaced families in Mushandike near Bhuka some 20km from Masvingo. One of the over 200 evicted villagers in Mushandike Village 15B in Masvingo sold his Mazda B16 car for $200 to feed his displaced family and pay rentals in a nearby village. Some of the villagers settled in the area in the 80s.
John Shiri one of the victims preferred to keep his neighbour’s name anonymous when narrating harrowing stories of the displaced families during a visit by the opposition outfit led by Nelson Chamisa dubbed the ‘Blue Movement’ today.
The entourage that visited the area in solidarity with the victims was led by Amos Chibaya, Gift ‘Ostallos’ Siziba and Prince Dubeko Sibanda. They were accompanied by several other cadres of the Blue Movement from different provinces.
According to Shiri, the victims of land evictions and demolitions are now faced with extreme hunger after they sold their livestock for as little as a dollar. Most of them allegedly bought the pieces of land from who is Chief Charumbira and Chief Bere’s aides.
“Most people have been reduced to beggars as most of them sold their livestock hurriedly to beat the seven-day ultimatum. My neighbour sold his car for $200, while others sold their hens for a dollar and goats for $10. They are now tenants in the nearby villages paying rentals of up to $50.
“We stayed behind for a while to wind up our projects. We have piggeries and fisheries here. This is the breeding time for fish and pigs, so we cannot relocate them,” said Shiri.
Chibaya said that the visit was just a solidarity visit to empathise with them. “As a movement, we empathise with everyone who was affected by the wanton evictions and demolitions. We stand by you in these trying times,” said Chibaya.

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