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Every day is Christmas Day

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Every day is Christmas Day


The actual Christmas Day is just twenty four hours that come and go once ina period of twelve months. It is a day when people are merry and wish each other a merry time. It is a day when people are happy and wish each other a happy Christmas. There is sharing of food, drink and gifts. There is sharing of each other’s precious time.

It is smiles galore while many go to Christmas parties to eat, drink, dance and have a lot of fun that does not normally happen during the rest of the year.A few days after Christmas we get to the end of the year and start a new one. Messages fly around as people wish each other a happy and prosper- ous new year. Once more festivities bring people together as they wait midnight to strike signaling the beginning of a new year. And when it strikes it is as if they have been rescued from the mouth of a lion. One would be tempted to think that the previous year must have been a torrid time and the new year will be wonderful.

Of course it is good to have hope for a brighter future and celebrating a new year can be a good time to reinvigorate ourselves. Here we will see many of us coming up with all sorts of new year resolutions, however most of them will of course not be implemented with this kind of scenario becoming a habit. The Christmas smiles are soon gone to be replaced by frowns and sneers. The old grudges resurface and for the rest of the year it is each man for himself, God for us all.

In the end you can also wonder what is really new about 1st January. How different is it from 1st May or 30 October? People in other parts of the world actually celebrate New Year on different dates. Should we celebrate whenever the clock strikes twelve midnight signaling a new day? At least New Year reminds us that life is not ours. That short transition from the supposedly old year to the supposedly new one gives us hope as we try to forget the hardships of the previous year.

For the religious it is time to thank the Creator for the gift of life. From me Sekuru Taurai, let every day of 2022 be a Christmas Day, merry making, sharing and supporting each other while every day of 2022 should mark the beginning of a New Year that brings hope for a brighter future and gives strength to shoulder the burdens that will definitely come our way in the next 12 months.

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