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ERRP condemns Chiredzi councils over road rehabilitation


ERRP condemns Chiredzi councils over road rehabilitation


The Emergency Road Rehabilitation Projects (ERRP) chairman, Major General (Rtd) Godfrey Chanakira has condemned the manner in which two Chiredzi councils used ERRP funds allocated to them and warned of tough measures.
Chanakira disapproved both Chiredzi Rural District Council (RDC) and Chiredzi Town Councils’ expenditure reports after visiting and assessing road rehabilitation work in the district on Wednesday last week. He was accompanied by various other stakeholders on the visit.

After the road tour, delegates from the two local authorities, Government Departments like Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development, District Development Coordinator (DDC) and stakeholders namely met to elaborate on the visit and Chanakira said he was not satisfied with reports on how the money was used.

The roads in the town were contracted to Country Cool and Tensor Systems while Chiredzi rural roads were rehabilitated by Bitumen World and Fossil. The rural roads are Ngundu-Tanganda Road and other roads.
Chanakira did not say exactly what he found bad in the reports and when asked by this reporter on details, he said that the media was not supposed to be part of the meeting.

He however, said Mwenezi RDC report was good and asked Chiredzi councils to engage Mwenezi on how that local authority is carrying out its work.
“What I can say is that I am not impressed. This is not what I expected, I think you should liaise with Mwenezi RDC, their report is straight forward,” said Chanakira
Chanakira’s comments resonate with what residents and Chiredzi councilors have always said about the quality of work by the contractors.
He warned the two councils that there is going to be stringent monitoring of the projects and unannounced visits by officials from his office.
He said that the next to visit will be engineers to assess the real work on the roads.

Ward 4 Councillor, Liberty Macharaga specifically mentioned Tensor and said that the company did a shoddy job on Molly Road.
Chiredzi acting town secretary, Wesley Kauma however said that the funds allocated were too little to do any quality work.
“The next meeting will see engineers coming to assess the work and see of it is to expectation,” said Chanakira.
Chiredzi Town Council was allocated $50 million with Chiredzi RDC allocated $40 million from ERRP.

Chiredzi Town Council used part of its ERRP funding to rehabilitate three roads; namely Denhe, Magwaza and Molly Road.
Chiredzi Town Council vice chairperson Ropafadzo Makumire pleaded with the ERRP team to monitor the projects from tendering stage so that contracts are not given to bogus contractors. He said that residents were complaining against shoddy work on the roads.
“It’s good that you came but in future please come and assess the projects right from the earliest stages so issues are attended to before they get out of hand.
“There are complaints that companies contracted to do ERRP work are doing a shoddy job. It is my appeal to you to monitor these projects right from tendering,” said Makumire.
“I am not happy with how Molly Road was done,its poor quality, how can a road develop potholes two months after its construction and worse still we are not in the rainy season, what more if the rainy season come,” said Macharaga.
“As for Molly Road, our budget was to gravel the road but as council we decided to put tar on it though it’s of poor quality. The poor funding did not allow us to come up with quality work,” said Kauma.https://masvingomirror.com

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