Entel Geo poised to make impact in Chipinge energy sector

Ellen Mlambo
CHIPINGE – Entel Geo Energy and Infrastracture Development Company (ENGEIDC) Investments formed in 2017 has started spreading its business tentacles in Chipinge.
The company is into power line constructions, electricity insurance services and electricity aid society, the company’s General Manager Jabulani Mlambo told The Mirror in a recent interview.
He said that the company was also looking at doing projects with schools.
Mlambo also said that the company has some projects in Harare.
The company is also into solar projects with some already running in Mandere.
Explaining the electrical assurance services, Mlambo said that the idea is the same with medical aid and legal aid where they operate on membership.
“Electricity services are categorised into gold, toppers, emerald, bronze and diamond. Under gold, we provide general electricity services where we instruct a client who is a member to buy equipment or material for use to do repairs. Under toppers, we buy material and do repairs, under emerald package, we deal with outside the house electricity services, on bronze, we bring replacements on work to be done out of houses and diamond package we deal with natural catastrophes,” said Mlambo.
He said currently his company is negotiating to do to bring a powerline to ZAOGA founder, Apostle Ezekiel Guti’s house in Ngaone in Chipinge. He said their company was approached by the local leader of the church to install a powerline to the house.

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