End of term Beer Floodgates

by Benjamin Takavarasha

‘twas end of my first term as a fresher at Fletcher’
As a lower sixth former at the new school was I
Known by most but I in turn only but a few

Sitting alone in a Gweru beer Tavern in Mutapa
Savouring the Go-beer but quietly bemoaning the end
As I sipped the beer mug to the very dregs
What with no funds left for a replenishment

But lo and behold, a dramatic turn of fortune:
When someone, like a sentinel beamed the alert:
‘Bulawayo train! Bulawayo train!’
Whence from all corners my new school mates
To my lonesome table rushed, one and all
Placing their unfished mugs of beer at my table
“It’s yours brother, we are off to catch our train”

Like the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves
I’d suddenly inherited a whole sumptuous table
Of beer mugs of various levels of fulfilment
Oh Bulawayo train, my miracle worker!

For years and years did I savour the moment
More than hours and hours of sixth from algebra
While in lean moments, more oft that not
Did the moment flood back with a vengeance
Whence oft tempted to wave the magic wand:
‘Bulawayo train! Bulawayo train!’

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