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EMA intensifies ‘war’ against Mucheke pollution

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EMA intensifies ‘war’ against Mucheke pollution


Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – The Environment Management Agency (EMA) has intensified its ‘war’ against pollution of Mucheke River which passes through the City of Masvingo and three weeks ago it fined a large beverage company for the offence.

EMA Provincial Manager Milton Muusha told The Mirror in an interview that the beverage company was fined for polluting the river.

However, a statement from the company said there was no pollution from its plant in Masvingo. It said that the company was fined for allowing overflow water from its cooling tower into the river and the water does not contain any toxic material.

Hundreds of fish have been found dead in Mucheke River and EMA has identified Masvingo City Council as the main culprit. The local authority was found guilty of discharging raw sewerage into the river.

EMA however, told The Mirror that Masvingo City Council is rectifying the problem. 

Muusha said that fish deaths have since stopped and this is one Bio monitoring method of the quality of water. He also said that oxygen saturation on areas where the City Council has been instructed to work on improved from 12,6% in the last few weeks to 34,7%.

There remains however, many areas in the river that need attention as pollution is still beyond acceptable limits, said Muusha.https://masvingomirror.com/

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