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Elections are here

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Elections are here



Elections are here fellow Chibhoraniland citizens. Just a few days to go. Yes, there is excitement in the air. Everywhere the whole country is awash with campaign posters. This one wants to be a councillor. The other person watns to be a Member of Parliament. A few of them want to be the president of Chibhoraniland. A good question is how come the bachelor is so keen to wipe the nose of the child of a single mother?
No need to scratch your head for the answer to that one. There are very few things that are sweeter than power. Consequently quite a number will give in to that temptation and seek power in order to indulge themselves. Never mind the cost, be it human, monetary or material. Power goes with prestige. For some being called ‘’shef’’ is a dream they would want to see being fulfilled during their lifetime. Power can give you financial and material benefits sending you on the journey of rags to riches. Now that is quite tantalizing. Power will make you famous. Everyone will know you especially these days with the media being so vocal. Of course you can also be infamous if you are that person who keeps crossing people’s lines.

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