ED postpones groundbreaking ceremony for $1b Chinese mine

CHIVHU – President Mnangagwa has postponed the groundbreaking ceremony for the US$1 billion Tsingshan Holdings iron ore mine that was due to take place on July 27, 2021.
Mash East Provincial Affairs Minister Aplonia Munzveregi confirmed the development to The Mirror. The event was supposed to take place at Manhize, which is at the border of three provinces namely Mash East, Midlands and Mash West.
Reliable sources told The Mirror that the much hyped ceremony was cancelled because of a misunderstanding between the mine and villagers who want the mine to also bring its offices into Mash east for structural development.
Munzverengi said the ceremony was postponed because of logistical issues although she could not shed light on it.
Two traditional ritual ceremonies to appease local spirit mediums over the projects were conducted in the Midlands and in Chikomba respectively in the last few weeks.
Many villagers in Chikomba are opposed to the idea where most of the minerals will be mined in Mash East but infrastructure including mining plants will be built in the Midlands Province which Mnangagwa’s home area.

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