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ED more likely to relinquish power – Madhuku


ED more likely to relinquish power – Madhuku



CHIPINGE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa is more likely to relinquish power compared to former President Mugabe if defeated in an election, NCA leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku has said.

Madhuku said this when he launched his 2023 election campaign at Matambudze Business Centre, in his home district in Chipinge on Saturday.

Madhuku argued that because Mnangagwa knew life both in and outside the presidency, it made him more likely to accept defeat in an election than Mugabe who only knew life as a President since returning from Mozambique in 1980.

“The late President was never for a minute led by another person since his return from Mozambique. For him, it was inconceivable that he could be ruled. However, the current president has had a president rule him for 37 years. He knows life as a president and life under somebody else.

“Therefore, we don’t expect him to refuse to be defeated,” argued Prof Madhuku.

He told scores of supporters that the NCA was going to contest council, Parliamentary seats and the Presidency in 2023 and said that there was no opposition that has the capacity to run the country alone.

Chipangayi in Middle Sabi is part of the area where Madhuku gave Mukonyowere villagers free legal service when they faced eviction from their land at the hands of greedy Government officials. Madhuku appears to enjoy immense support in the area because if the empathy he showed.

“We are all agreed that ZANU PF has failed to give basics to the majority of the people in Zimbabwe over the past 42 years. Now, as NCA, we present ourselves to you to vote for us in the 2023 elections. We will have men and women up for council, national and presidential elections in each area of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Madhuku told the gathering not to be coerced into attending meetings of political parties.

“We are throwing our hat in the ring for 2023. Our message is clear on our strategy and programmes. We are ready to win the next elections,” he said.
Madhuku took the opportunity to set up locakl party structures after the meeting.

Fadzai Hama was elected the chairperson of the ward. Madhuku was accompanied Vrande Jambaya who is a national executive member of the NCA.

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