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Duma Primary a hub of educational excellence

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Duma Primary a hub of educational excellence


Innocent Muraiwa


BIKITA-Duma Primary School in Bikita West Constituency has set a new standard for academic excellence after scoring 89% in the 2023 ZIMSEC Grade seven results, 3% higher than the previous year.

This achievement was celebrated at a local lodge. Bikita District Schools Inspector James Mahofa, called the school a “role model of good education standards.”

“Duma Primary School is a role model for other schools in terms of academic standards. I urge fellow Duma grade seven pupils and educationists to continue working hard to achieve the best results,” said Mahofa.

Duma Primary School is known for its high quality education and outstanding enrollment in Bikita District, both among teachers and learners.

School head Thomas Chabata said they have 50 teachers and 1893 learners.

He attributed the success to the school’s dedicated teachers and learners, as well as the support of the community.

“My experience at Chada Primary School was different from what I’ve seen at Duma Primary School. The learning environment here is filled with a knowledgeable and cooperative society. It’s great to see the difference that a quality education can make,” said Chabata

Rukara Bhuka, one of the best grade seven teachers at Duma Primary School said the new curriculum was a challenge, but he worked tirelessly with the pupils and gave it our all to ensure that they understood and succeeded. We’re very proud of what they’ve achieved.

“We have laid down some sustainable projects at school like fisheries, financial savings and such projects go a long way in boosting an unwavering financial base of the school,” added Joshua Chamisa, a member of the School Development Committee.

Bikita Rural District Council (RDC) Chief Executive Officer Peter Chibi said he would support the school financially to ensure the success of its construction projects.

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