DSI sets another team to investigate Helen McGhie head

MASVINGO – Another team has been set up to investigate Helen McGhie head Sheila Deve following allegations that she had physical scuffles with teachers on two different occasions last week.
Masvingo District Schools Inspector (DSI) Ishmael Chigaba confirmed the development to The Mirror.
Another investigation was carried out on Deve early this year after parents wrote a petition alleging corruption in the school. The results of the first investigation are yet to be availed to the parents.
Chigaba said that he was attending a workshop in Bulawayo and only got to know of the two incidents which happened on Wednesday and Friday respectively through an article in The Mirror.
“I was in Bulawayo attending a workshop and only got to know about the matter after reading an article published by The Mirror. I have dispatched a team of investigators to look into the matter,” said Chigaba.
Allegations are that Deve had a physical altercation with an ECD teacher on Wednesday whose dress she lifted up thereby exposing her undergarments in front of toddlers.
On Friday she again had an altercation with another ECD teacher and on both occasions she had to be restrained by other members of staff.
The teachers did not retaliate to her assaults in both instances, said sources.

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