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Drunk, no mask cops cause commotion in town


Drunk, no mask cops cause commotion in town


Mirror Reporter

Masvingo – Two heavily drunk cops with no masks caused commotion in Masvingo City Centre an hour ago when they arrested a member of the public for not properly wearing a mask.

There was an uproar from the public when they saw the officer who could hardly stand arresting the man. A crowd mobbed the officer demanding the release of the arrested man.

The cops walked in crowded places with no masks completely while the arrested man had a mask but it was dangling from his chin.

The situation almost exploded until a man believed to be from the CIO took the two cops and the arrested man into his car and whisked them away.

Police Spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa said he will be talking to their commander for investigations.

“Police in Masvingo are the most lawless, corrupt and bribe demanding civil servants I have ever come across. These two cops are drunk and walking in town without masks.  Imagine they have no masks and they are drunk and nothing is going to happen to them,” said Elasto Chiri, a money changer.

Police in Masvingo walk around without masks but even then they have the audacity to go around arresting people for masks.

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