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Drug peddlers should get stiffer penalties- High Court judge 

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Drug peddlers should get stiffer penalties- High Court judge 




GWERU – High Court judge, Justice Evangelista Kabasa has called for stiffer penalties on drug peddlers who are destroying the social fabric and responsible for murders committed by youth. 

She said stiffer penalties will deter would be peddlers and abusers when she officially opened the Gweru High Court circuit on Monday. 

“Drugs are mind-bending resulting in our youth exhibiting psychotic behaviour which has seen our mental health institutions overstretched and failing to cope with the numbers of those requiring psychiatric help.

“In punishing such offenders the courts should not forget that the constitution is the supreme law of the land and the punishment to be meted out must be in conformity with the values and principals espoused in the constitution and in terms of the law. 

“Our nation as a result of drug and substance abuse has seen a sad development which youths are abusing these substances .Parents and guardians should play their part in protecting children from these harmful substances. The efforts being made by law enforcement agencies in their quest to account for malcontents who are peddlers of these harmful substances should be complimented by parents and guardians and members of the public through exposing the drug barons whose nefarious activities must be stopped by all means necessary,” she said. 

The judge stationed at the High Court in Bulawayo will try 18 murder cases, 10 of the cases are allegedly drug related.

She, however, commented law enforcement agencies in their efforts to clamp down the scourge. 

Last year, Police in the Midlands launched a war against drug lords and drug abusers. Studies have shown that 57.7 % of youth in the country abuse drugs while an educated three % of adult population had either a drug or alcohol abuse disorder.

Most admissions at the country’s mental health institutions are drug and substance abuse related.

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