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Dreams come true

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Dreams come true



Here we are ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls including babies in Chibhoraniland, our own home sweet home. Beautiful Chibhoraniland is a country where you get so many zvibhorani, being boreholes bored through soil and rock by huge drilling machines in order to extract the most precious liquid in the world from the belly of Mother Earth. You know what the liquid is, not crude oil of course while some will consider alcohol the most precious. In Chibhoraniland there is a chibhorani at homesteads, farms, business premises, growth points, schools, hospitals, mines, towns and cities, even in the capital city. Many more are being drilled. Unfortunately our village chibhorani packed up day before yesterday so we have to get water from stream Mutorahuku.
They say that dreams indeed come true. Well, it is my dream that by 2050, by which time I will have joined my ancestors, Chibhoraniland will not be called Chibhoraniland anymore because there won’t be any chibhorani in the country except in museums as pieces of history. Yes, you heard me. There won’t be any chibhorani even kwedu kuno kumachonyonyo or remote of the remote. My apologies, by then this word machonyonyo would have been banned and removed from the dictionary as there won’t be any machonyonyo areas. Why? Simply because literally every place in the country would have been well developed, without leaving anyone behind. There will be everywhere piped water flowing into literally every house, urban or rural. Electricity from ZESA and other sources will light up every place where people would be living or working, all roads will be tarred and we will be having maspaghetti, underground trains with free WiFi accessed everywhere including all the trappings that go with development and civilization. To achieve this will of course not be like taking a stroll in the park. Everyone will have to be roped in and fully participate in the process of building a well-developed country which will be the envy of many. As you know, a country is built by its owners, not foreigners. Let us therefore together build our own country. Sekuru Taurai vataura.

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