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Drama as PDE’s young sister gets bashed over married woman 

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Drama as PDE’s young sister gets bashed over married woman 


So it’s another week and and everyone is so worried about the impending danger which is being posed by cyclone Freddy. I hope my shack right in the middle of the gum trees will not be swept away because that’s the only place I call home.

People might call me a PONFA (Person Of No Fixed Abode) but kumagutree ikoko ndopaZayani chaipo? I can hear someone saying whoa. Who is saying whoa? I am tuning you the truth ndiko kudendere ikoko. 

I cannot change that even though I know that people understand HOTH from their level of perception, It is then my responsibility to know who exactly I am and not get lost in what people are projecting onto me.

Some people are worried now that cyclone Freddy inogona kuvayaitwa chaibva mumba nevakomana vechibhakera because vakomana vacho vakatodya yemagetsi neye cyclone Idai, but others say they knew that Freddy was not coming the moment they heard that he has been given a male name. 

They say as usual they knew that he is so unreliable, inconsistent and can make people stay at home , change their plans but never shows up hake.  

Life can be anything and we are all walking the journey and treading onto the soft, hot and thorny soil which is not devoid of trials and tribulations. Well, that should be a story for another day, so let get to the business of the day. 

As usual you know that yours truly is migrant so he drifted to the peripheries of the province and ended up in that area where they make a certain sand that is used to sweeten the dyed scalding water which most lovers of the substance usually take in small measured amounts at designated times. Of course, it can be dyed brown or those with extra paint can make it look extra nice by painting it white.

However, as far as I know the hot liquid is usually drank between morning and 4 pm. I have come to realise that the 4 o’clock one is the most popular one and is usually associated with those who are materially gifted. Whatever the case those granules which are normally measured in amounts of 2 kg are the most valued and sort after in the country side.

So one day when I visited that area, I heard that at one of those places where they sharpen kid’s brain lives a young sister to someone who shepherds all those who flatten the kids brains on the anvil of knowledge before sharpening them to razor-sharp wisdom. For simplicity’s sake lets call her the Lioness because I heard she eats any man who dares to stray in her territory. 

Hanzi shumba iyi inodanana nemushandi wemuTrunk imomo asi iye ane mhuri yake. I  heard her child is at paya Pamusha weshana where the man is paying the fees without any complaints. Now the problem is the man’s kids are at a local school iko kwedu kwaMeke uko. Anozviita mukomana hake asi pamafees ari kufa kwese kumba nekuhuze diki. Ndiwo unonzi Mufakose sezita rechikoro, but I am told that even in Harare there is place called Mufakose. 

Anyway that’s not a big deal but the issue now is the man’s wife is now complaining that she also wants her kids to enjoy their father’s money and attend the same school as his girlfriend’s kid. Yesterday she decided to take the matter into her hands and went to the school where the small house is a teacher.

I am told she armed herself with a switch in the form of an electric code which she wanted to use to beat the female teacher. Imi woye hanzi pakaita batai batai ipapo. Matauro achidona vashandi vepahotera vachinhonga vachidzorera, Matauro achidona vashandi vepahotera vachinhonga vachidzorera, kusvika zvanzi danai mukuru wechikoro.

I am reliably informed that the situation was so bad and maworkmates aShumba failed to calm down the situation. Mukuru achiuya akati handei munoyananiswa kubasa kwemurume. I am yet to get the fine details so stay tuned, So until then have a pleasant week.     

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