Dr Kasese pens another motivational book


Re- engineering your mind is about getting your mind in order first. You cannot get your mind in shape if you are feeding it with unhealthy information. What we feed our mind on will ultimately determine how you behave, talk and do things. Living a life of poverty is not a product of bad luck, it is because of how one’s mind has been engineered in a particular way. It is quite unfortunate that when you are young you don’t have much control over the programming of your mind. The environment which we grew exposed in; family, neighborhood, school, church and other surrounding factors played a very big role in engineering your mind either in a positive or negative manner. Deal with the issues of the mind first and you will finally be able to see your future clearly and the possibilities that are available to you. You have the power to chisel your thoughts and change your belief system towards success.
Transformation is impossible without renewing your mind. The success you are always thinking about can only be attained if you undergo a process of mindset renewal. Once you begin to reengineer your mind for success, transformation will automatically begin to take place. This will enhance you to believe in the impossible, walk with confidence of who you are purposed to be.
Your mind is the most important machine that ruins activities you do and determine what you attain. A success mindset is an inner job that you should work on each and every moment, thought by thought. To maintain a success mindset is a lifetime commitment. You should consider your mind to be your mental gym and just like the physical gym you attend to work out your muscles, it expects your attendance on a regular basis for consistent and increased results. Re- engineering your mind is about feeling good and having the energy to do what you love and care for those you love.
The author has narrated various bible verses and simple quotes for easiness to understand and connect with your inner self. The principles laid down in this book will help the reader understand the importance of re-engineering the mind, competing with self, focusing on self-need, treating experiences as a teacher, responding and not reacting, controlling what can be controlled using the power of mind wired for success. Understanding how to transform is the first step in the process of re-engineering your mind for success.
With uttermost respect I am humbled to be writing the foreword of this book considering the fact that the wisdom in this book was revealed to me by Dr Kasese some years ago and I can attest that I am a product of this mind.

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