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Don’t panic over COVID-19 Makomva urges the nation


Don’t panic over COVID-19 Makomva urges the nation


Chief co-ordinator of the COVID-19 taskforce Agnes Mahomva has urged the nation not to panic despite a sharp rise in the number of COVID-19 deaths.

Since last week, the number of deaths from the respiratory disease has been on the rise, with the highest daily figure of 28 deaths being recorded on January 7.

According to government data, 12 were recorded on January 8 and January 9, rising to 20 deaths on January 10, 21 deaths on January 11.

Mahomva said more focus should be placed on ensuring that citizens comply with the World Health Organisation (WHO) regulations.

“We are always prepared for situations like this. The plan and the strategies on COVID-19 are meant to take care of that. There is growing relaxation among the populace and people are also not presenting early when feeling unwell, giving room for the virus to spread. We need to work together, following set guidelines to make sure we reduce the increased spread of the pandemic,” Mahomva said.

Zimbabwe is in the grip of the fourth wave propelled by the Omicron variant which experts say spreads faster than previous strains.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday hailed Chinese President Xi Jinping for his decision to donate 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Zimbabwe to support the on-going vaccination campaign and booster shots.

The country is still working to achieve herd immunity, which is 60% of the eligible population, by having approximately 10 million people vaccinated.

“For us in Zimbabwe, this huge gesture of support comes at a critical phase in our fight against the highly infectious Omicron variant which threatens to erode our impressive gains in the fight against COVID-19, and our strides towards achieving national herd immunity,” Mnangagwa said.Newsday.

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