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Domestic Violence-Woman commits suicide after four day assault

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Domestic Violence-Woman commits suicide after four day assault


Ancilla Gotore

TRIANGLE – A Triangle woman allegedly committed suicide by drinking poison after her husband allegedly assaulted her for four continuous days demanding US$250 that the couple was serving to buy a cow.
Masvingo assistant Police Spokesperson Lorraine Ndlovu confirmed the matter to The Mirror and said Kudzai Nyaku’s (41) bruisesd lifeless body was found in a bedroom next to an empty bottle of Dichlorvos pesticide.

Nyaku of Village 16 Chitava, Chabetura in Triangle was allegedly assaulted by her husband Eriya Mbuluwa (32) continuously from March 13-17, 2023. Mbuluwa allegedly wanted to squander the money with girlfriends.
Ndlovu said that Mbuluwa returned home from a meeting on Monday last week and demanded the US$250 they were saving to buy a cow.
Nyaku refused alleging that he wanted to squander it with girlfriends. This did not go down well with Mbuluwa who assaulted her all over the body with a wooden stick.

Mbuluwa dragged his wife to his parents’ homestead in the same village on the next day and dumped her there.
He allegedly told his parents, Peter Chitsiku (62) and Martha Mbuluwa (58) that he was tired Nyaku and no longer loved her. He however, returned on the next day (March 15, 2023) around 9 pm and dragged Nyaku back to their homestead.
Mbuluwa allegedly assaulted Nyaku along the way home.

His mother followed them the next day to check on Nyaku and Mbuluwa told her that she cannot see her because she was in the fields. His mother then left and returned home.
Mbulawa allegedly continued to assault Nyaku demanding the money which she refused to surrender to him. She allegedly threatened to commit suicide if Mbuluwa continued assaulting her.

She allegedly then later drank Dichlorvos pesticide and died. Mbuluwa told Police that in panic he locked his wife in the bedroom and ran away.
His mother went back to visit her daughter-in-law and after failing to find anyone at home she alerted the neighbourhood watch police.
The police went to Mbuluwa’s homestead and found the place deserted. He then got information that Mbuluwa had been seen at Chisase Business Centre and went on arrested him on the same day around 7 pm.

Mbuluwa told his mother after being arrested that Nyaku was dead and her body was in the bedroom. The Police escorted Mbuluwa to Triangle Police station.
Police attended the scene and found Nyaku’s body in the bedroom with bruises all over her body and froth coming from her mouth. An empty pesticide bottle was found on the bed.
The body was taken to Chiredzi General Hospital mortuary for postmortem.

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