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Chipinge businessman Doda up for fresh assault case

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Chipinge businessman Doda up for fresh assault case


Fungayi Munyoro-Chingaira

CHIPINGE – Edmore Mwoyongewenyu (43) popularly known as Doda touted as Chipinge’s wealthiest man has been reported to the Police for allegedly assaulting Ashirai Mawere (36).

The incident is said to have happened on Monday.

Chipinge Times is reliably informed that Mawere has since reported Doda to the Police under case number CR16/22 at Chipinge Urban Police Station.

Doda has a pending attempted murder case after he severely assaulted Shepherd Makwenjere, a soldier with the Zimbabwe National Army for having a sexual relationship with one of his eight wives Naume Makuyana (20). He also faces a charge of firing a firearm.

Doda said he did not assault Mawere.

“It is a lie. He is the one who went to police to get me arrested for assaulting that army guy. I don’t know his problem . I don’t even know why he is fighting me. I didn’t assault him. Had I assaulted him, he was going to be like that soldier,” he said.

Manicaland Police Spokesperson  said he was out of office and will advice when he get back in office.

Doda allegedly assaulted Mawere for writing a letter to Officer Commanding Chipinge District Godfrey Chinyanganya asking the Police to arrest him for assaulting the soldier.

Doda allegedly teamed up with Jimmy Gabaza and Steven Mutongi when he assaulted Mawere.

Gabaza said he did not assault Mawere but the two fought after Mawere provoked him.

“On Monday, Mawere approached me and my five friends who include Doda and Mutongi. When I saw him coming, I excused myself. He was called by Doda and an urgument arose. I told Doda to leave him since Mawere has a habit of talking bad about us on social media. Mawere then charged at me and started shouting at me. It is so funny because I and Mawere have never talked to each other . I just know him but he talks bad about me in WhatsApp groups. This whole issue is emanating from Doda’s story. Mawere has been talking bad about us in various Whatsapp groups. I made a police report and he also came and made his own police report,” said Gabaza.

In the report seen by The Mirror, Mawere said he was passing through Gabaza Complex when Doda called him. He ignored him and Gabaza allegedly swiftly moved in and blocked his way. He allegedly pushed him once. Mutongi then emerged and grabbed Mawere and allegedly banged him against a parked truck. Doda allegedly grabbed Mawere’s t-shirt and tore it.  Gabaza allegedly struck Mawere with a fist.

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