Divorce, a major concern in Chibhoraniland

The family is the foundation of society. I am not talking of societies or clubs formed by individuals to further certain causes. I am talking of that society of ‘’people in general, living together in organised communities, with laws and traditions controlling the way that they behave towards one another’’, this according to the Macmillan English Dictionary. The family therefore becomes the smallest component of society where parents (husbands and wives) and their children live with laws and traditions controlling the way they behave towards one another.
We are interested here in the way husbands and wives behave towards one another, this in the light of what we are witnessing in our Chibhorani society with the media also raising the alarm that all is not well and getting worse between husbands and wives as divorces are on the rise. These are two people who initially fell in love head over heels and used to spend sleepless nights lovingly thinking about each other. However some years down the line after marriage they find themselves spending sleepless nights thinking of how they are going to permanently separate from each other through divorces that often turn out to be messy. This is often sparked by infidelity. It is common to see many husbands leaving their spouses at home to work in the diaspora. The same with the Chivi husband teaching in faraway Binga while his wife is at home. Poverty can cause the wife to hook up with a boyfriend in search of financial support. Fashionable it is too blame almost everything on the Covid lockdown. May be we can also blame it for the friction that takes place in homes where husbands and wives are forced to be together for longer periods. Then there are those who after a few years of marriage find out that they chose the wrong partner. The end result is divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Who suffers most after a divorce? It is usually the children.
Divorce has now become a huge societal problem in Chibhoraniland. A societal problem needs societal solutions. This involves all stakeholders determinedly doing something in concerted efforts that will put our society back on track. Involved should be government, churches, traditional leaders, business, organisations, individuals both young and adult. We need parents and children to live together in organised families with laws and traditions controlling the way they behave towards each other, only then can we be called a society and a nation. Musazoti Sekuru Taurai havana kumbozvitaura.

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