Did you know Mai Jnr was once caught pants down with old man

Vakomana ka, imwe information about mai vaya vanonzi mai Jnr vepaChitima apo chiregai kundipa. Kkkkkk Hazvichasetsi izvi. So recently, someone knocked at my door and said that woman could scoop a golden gong in the Commonwealth or Olympics cheating games if that category was to be introduced. Sure sure vanhu imi denga hamuri nhanzvi muchaita denga rekugugula chete. 

I cracked my ribs when that guy told me that ivo BaJuju once burst into the house and found his wife with this old guy. I heard they were just having, it huffing and puffing. I heard instead of confronting the old madala he chose to raise an alarm and called all the neighbourhood and told them that his house was being ransacked by a thief.

The alert neighbours rushed to the scene armed to the teeth itching for an encounter with the said thief only to find a naked old man akabuditsa twumasahwa twake netuwhite beard kunge chikweme chekurasira. So imi baba you could not face someone you caught red-handed with his hand in your cooc*ie oh no! Cookie jar. 

HOTH does not have personal issues with anyone but I am just a messenger. So you don’t hate or kill the messenger because he brought bad news. You should always remember that I am a bearer of bad news. So don’t expect anything good from HOTH. The question whether I am allowed to spread the news to the whole world or keep it to myself is neither here nor there.

Asi kumwe kupusa here kana kuti ndokudyiswa kwacho kana ndimi vaya vana muchekadzafa, vana muchekeyaora vanoda zvakapfava. That’s why you are being abused every now and then. It shows your woman does not have any respect with you or the Y terminal and the X terminal are not producing the required current to keep your woman satisfied. I am not here to call you on the carpet for something that you might have no control over. 

It’s so unusual of HOTH to spend time week in week out on someone but if people are coming with more information I get tempted to add one or two lines, and everything continues to flow. Ko imi mai mambonyanyokuita sei nhai? It seems every man is yearning to hit at you. Shame on you. I know you are one of those people who doesn’t have the word ‘no’ in you dictionary. 

That old man is was too old and frail but you had the audacity to cheat with him. Guys who does that? I heard you also tried in vain to tell the neighbours that your boyfriend was a thief. So balance me here. You were both in your birthday suits but you partner was a thief. 

Oh noooo…maybe people were quick to conclude that the old man was stealing the fridges, the TV sets, clothes, and other valuables, yet you were trying to hint them that he was stealing something very very private. Even myself I almost missed it. I never been this dumb. How can I can I miss that. That’s not the usual me.

So to cover up BaJuju had to drag the hapless old nigga to the police accusing him of being a thief. Oh really? By the was what did he steal? Stealing mai Jnr’s honey pot? Was the pleasure also stolen bro? Did you take a sample of the honey pot and check if the pleasure was taken away? Heee heee seka hako HOTH. There are more questions than answers. Baba imi ka itai mushe. 

The last time paNyika you were told that had it not for her tinned Cashel Valley beans you could not have been driving any car. So Cashel valley beans pays like that? Ini zii hangu. Let me take this opportunity to say to every who follow HOTH. Have a pleasant weekend.   

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