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‘Desist from drug, substance abuse’

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‘Desist from drug, substance abuse’


ZANU PF Mashonaland East provincial chairman, Cde Daniel Garwe, has challenged youths to desist from drug and substance abuse as the dangerous substances are destroying their future and that of the nation.

Cde Garwe was addressing thousands of party supporters during a by-election campaign rally held at St Peter’s Primary School in Murehwa South constituency on Wednesday afternoon.

Murehwa South constituency became vacant following the death of Cde Joel Biggie Matiza from Covid-19 related complications last year.

Cde Nyasha Masoka will represent Zanu PF in the constituency on March 26 by- elections.

In his address , Cde Garwe said drug abuse is fast destroying many youths’ future. “Bronco, Bronco, Bronco, this issue of drug abuse is killing the future of this nation.

“The future of Zimbabwe is in the hands of our youths. We are pleading with all youths to desist from abusing drugs like mbanje. Leave “mutoriro” alone, stop abusing any kind of drugs because you are the ones we are trusting with the future of this whole nation.

“Vision 2030, which our President is focusing on, is being done for you. You will be around to realise the Vision and you will be the leaders by then, but now if you are getting yourselves killed by these drugs, who will then lead this great nation?

“We are pleading with you, our youth, please listen to what President Mnangagwa has said about drug abuse, stop the abuse now for you are destroying yourselves and the future of this nation. Companies are being opened at the moment, but who will work or be employed when you are always abusing these drugs, when you are always drunk?”

Cde Garwe said youths constitute a bigger demographic figure and it is sad that huge numbers who are to lead the nation into the future are always intoxicated.

“Youths constitute about 60 percent of our population. Now, imagine if that 60 percent is abusing drugs, where are we going as a nation?

“Let me tell you, now there are institutions set up for those who would want to go through counselling and rehabilitation programmes.”

Drug abuse among youths is on the rise and research shows there is an increase in uptake of dangerous drugs among young people.

Already, the Government has set aside a National Drug Abuse Fund to help fight drug abuse scourge afflicting the country.Herald. https://masvingomirror.com

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