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Denfarm applies for 181 500 mega litres of water

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Denfarm applies for 181 500 mega litres of water



CHIREDZI – Denfarm which was recently granted a 25-year renewable lease for 16 500 hectares of irrigable land in the controversial Chilonga and Masimavele area has applied for a water permit to use 181 500 mega litres of water per year.

Denfarm recently locked horns with the Chilonga community that resisted the establishment of the company’s Lucerne grass project in their area which they feared would see 12 000 families displaced.

The wrangle saw the then Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) throwing its weight behind the villagers with lawyer Tendai Biti vowing to fight the deal.

The water will be drawn from Runde River at Chilonga.

A Dendairy application seen by The Mirror and written by the company’s managing director, Darren Coetzee dated June 17 said that the company would need 11 megalitres of water per hectare per anum.

The letter was addressed to Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) Service Centre team Leader, Simbarashe Dzirekwa, in Triangle. 

However, Coetzee could not be reached for comment as his mobile was not reachable.

“Grufflo Pvt Ltd Trading as Denfarm, has been granted a 25-year lease for 16 500 hectares of irrigable land in Chilonga and Masivamele. We write to request water allocation of 11 mega litres per hectare per annum (181 500 mega litres per annum) for commercial irrigation of lucerne and other grain crops.

“Water conveyance method will consist of pumping for initial 3000 meters, and there after call will distribute to respective fields. For more information on water delivery and land size kindly find an attached image of water abstraction point, the project water distribution map and the lease of the land,” reads part of the letter.https://masvingomirror.com

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